AoDL: Distributed Storytelling

I went to Art of Digital London’s get-together at The Photographers’ Gallery last night, with a bunch of speakers presenting their work and thoughts on the topic of  multi/trans/cross-media productions (the rule is you can call it what you like as long as you immediately apologise and earnestly emphasise it’s about storytelling). It was, by […]

Web analytics, meet-ups and recent work – what I’ve been up to lately

I was a bit slack on blogging last month. I can tell, because I’ve got a new monthly links round-up brewing and the last one wasn’t very many posts ago. I’ve got a few drafts to polish up too but, in the meantime, here are a few notable (mostly work-related) bits and pieces. On Friday, […]

Art of Digital: London. Digital Economic Models – tried and tested to blue sky

Just a quick note to thank the folks from Art of Digital: London and The Photographers’ Gallery for, respectively, organising and hosting last night’s event which was a discussion about digital economic models. There was an interesting spread of people there, from individual artists to people working at RFOs. The conversation ranged back and forth a […]