Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, analysis of applications

NESTA and Arts Council England recently commissioned a bunch of projects via the Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, aiming to connect arts and cultural organisations with technology companies in a way that can benefit the wider sector. Hoorah to that. They had £500k to dish out to a handful of organisations. A grand total of […]

IDFB 2010 week 3

Back on the dance festival write-ups. Week 3 was one of contrasts – from mass-audience outdoor stuff to more intimate audiences and with performers from many different countries all sharing the same stages. Monday 3 May It was the Bank Holiday and we went back to watch Utopia again. What we were going to do […]

Links for 12 July 2009

Social Media Releases for the music industry – MonkeyWatcher – Advice for bands – “send a quick press release by email, and provide a link to a social media release (SMR), or, in other words, a page aggregating the various items you want to share (music, pictures, videos, blog posts, tour dates, etc.)” I get […]