Links for 11 September 2009

Blogging for Artists – An informal talk given to Shropshire Arts Network on September 8th 2009 by Pete Ashton Culture Wars | About Culture Wars – Culture Wars is the online review of the Institute of Ideas in London. We cover books, films, theatre, art and talk events, with a view to understanding how political […]

Links for 25 August 2009

Frontline Club – News: Broadsheet – Blog produces broadsheet. £15 a year sounds like a bargain Disney Takes Web Surfers to the Lab to See Which Ads Work – – “To find out what ads work and why, Disney researchers developed an array of research tools, including goggle-based eye tracking, stereoscopic camera-based eye tracking […]

Links for 12 July 2009

Social Media Releases for the music industry – MonkeyWatcher – Advice for bands – “send a quick press release by email, and provide a link to a social media release (SMR), or, in other words, a page aggregating the various items you want to share (music, pictures, videos, blog posts, tour dates, etc.)” I get […]