AMA Tweet Meet – Introduction to SEO

I was asked to do a talk at last week’s Arts Marketing Association‘s first  Tweet Meet – essentially a bunch of concurrent regional get-togethers with a shared Twitter hashtag. Firstly, a big thanks to Tim and Amy, the West Mids coordinators, for asking me to talk and for risking a subject that (useful as it is) […]

SEO for arts and culture organisations

I keep going back to that Culture24 report, ‘How to evaluate online success’. There’s quite a bit in there to digest and a few threads that I think are worth teasing out – it’s probably going to be good for a couple more blog posts at least. Anyway, I flicked through the key recommendations earlier. This sentence […]

Culture24 Report: How to evaluate online success

Culture24 have published the findings of an Action Research Project, with the final report titled ‘Let’s Get Real: How to evaluate online success‘ (PDF download). It’s good, and well worth a read. Having instigated the project, they coordinated efforts between 17 cultural organisations, with the aim being: to help the sector to improve the way […]